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Related: Tom Lied About Bill Clinton Having An Affair With Liz Hurley!The K, can we talk about how hot Elizabeth Hurley still is?!They are seeking unspecified damages on allegations of negligence, unusual risk, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.Representatives for the 54-year-old actor and Paramount could not be immediately reached for comment.The accident and criminal case occurred amid Sizemore’s latest comeback attempt after years of substance abuse problems.

Tom started his education in Michigan State University and also studied in Wayne State University.) but even William J would have to agree that Liz is one tall drink’a water!The British bombshell left her house in London today dressed in an cozy winter-white puffa coat. Steve de Castro sued Sizemore and Paramount Pictures on Friday, claiming the July incident in which he was pinned beneath a sport utility vehicle driven by Sizemore left him with significant injuries.The lawsuit claims the Sheriff’s deputies did not open an investigation, saying at the time that it would be handled by occupational safety inspectors. Sizemore’s agents did not return emails sent Saturday.

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The 48-year-old model/actress still looks as stunningly gorgeous now as she did while playing Austin Powers’ psychedelic shagmate in the '90s!