Updating dll in global assembly cache

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That would add the DLL to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and make it accessible in Visual Studio.However, as is often the case, Window 7 is Undaunted, I thought about using the old DOS command line utility Net framework, and it is available in the Windows SDK Framework Tools.It is a common place in the OS where assemblies that are going to be shared between different applications can be stored. Perhaps for a large number of applications that use the same assembly there may be a difference but confirming or refuting this claim is a long story that is not the point of this post. To install an assembly called Some Assembly in the GAC, use the command There are more options the tool offers, so MSDN holds the answers for the curious ones.There are other ways to add an assembly to the GAC (Windows offers a shell integration for .For example: To remove assemblies via the gacutil tool, please see the tool's help.Simply copy the dll files from the installation directory to C:\WINDOWS\assembly. To remove the assemblies, open C:\WINDOWS\assembly and select the assemblies you want removed.

Unfortunately, if you do not have the Windows SDK loaded on your development machine, you will need to install it to use gacutil, but it is relatively quick and painless, and the framework tools are very useful.I have an API DLL that several third party applications reference.Some of these applications want things two ways in terms of updates.A Web Application requires that you examine the Telerik. UI reference Properties under the References node in the Project tree. I find it easier to write a couple of lines, but you can, alternatively, open the Property Pages dialog, click Add and browse to the GAC on your machine (we already learned where it is).You will see how it is not a local copy of the assembly and that the path points to the GAC: Now, repeat for the Telerik. In any case, you need to see the same final result that I showed above. A Web Application needs more care, as usual, you can’t just write two lines of XML.

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To get round this I knocked up a quick utility which will remove an existing version of a dll from the GAC and then install the latest version.

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