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I read that somewhere,” says Jeanne Crowley, my “fixer” for the weekend.

It’s a somewhat different sentiment from watercolourist Francis Mc Comas’ better-known quote, from the early 1900s, proclaiming this extraordinary sweep of California coastline “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world”.

And it’s not just that would-be visitors can’t get in. See, a single road runs through Big Sur – Highway 1, the classic, cliff-hugging coastal route between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But thanks to some serious storms, a large chunk of the road has been forced to completely close, from both the north and the south.

Not to mention all the inspo for those of you planning an organic, nature-inspired wedding…

Kate Bosworth may have married in Montana, but she too has Big Sur (both the town and the 2013 film) to thank for introducing her to her now-husband, director Michael Polish.

The dramatic oceanfront bluffs of Monterey County also provide the perfect backdrop for marriage proposals, not just for celebs like 's Justin Bartha, but for everyday couples like this one and this cute pair.

I am very outgoing and social- I love meeting new people. I have to be honest , if you're needy and have jealously issues then im probably not for you actually what am I saying , you're not for me .

Im not sure how to end this profile , maybe it doesn't even matter as you may be fast asleep by now but if you haven't already lost the will to live , then you'll be happy to know that this Is nearly over!

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The community here has quickly had to adapt to life without shops, various basic services and, for the many running hospitality businesses, any way to receive customers.

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