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Samsung update plus not updating

I reset the phone to factory defaults, connected to Wi-Fi, disconnected to Wi-Fi, but nothing seemed to work.Finally, inspiration struck and I solved the issue.This time around, the process should continue, and the update be available for installation.

You’d search for updates that had be released via the web site and it continued to miss them time and time again! On a default Sammy, you will find the updater application under Start - Note: For some reason owners are discovering that if you try to install more than one update at a time an error “NO STRING” is seen.

But if you do install one at a time, it does go through but the updater doesn’t download the necessary updates. I was actually working on my desktop when I did it so I just patiently left my NC10 to do its thing.

It looked like it was doing nothing for quite a few mins before actually working.

"We do not recommend disabling or modifying Windows Update in any way as this could expose a customer to increased security risks."Samsung has also said in a statement it's investigating the claim and will be "working with Microsoft to address this matter".

Recently, when I went to update my Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4, I received a message that said, "Software update is temporarily unavailable" (Figure A).

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It is 2017, and still Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most adored android phone.