Polyamory married and dating blog

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Polyamory married and dating blog

And it’s why your husband is still pressing for the idea of seeing you with another man. You wonder if this is okay because it’s not the other guy that excites you, it’s being aroused at his arousal. So, on the surface, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him taking pleasure in you taking pleasure out of another man.

He didn't wear a wedding ring and I didn't know he was married. Was one person more into it and the other person less into it?

Will your husband truly be cool watching you have sex with another man? One may be able to intellectually separate sex and love, but jealousy isn’t a rational emotion.

Similarly, how will you feel about unleashing the dragon of polyamory? Maybe your husband will want to see you with more and more men.

Woman A: I wasn't sure if I could do it at first, but just coming through a divorce I was feeling very devil-may-care.

Woman B: In the beginning, she was more into it in theory and I was more into it in practice. Do you both take advantage of the open relationship, i.e. Woman A: I haven't dated or slept with anyone else since we've been dating, but I'm open to the idea. Do you have certain rules about what you can and can't do with other people?

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