Dating antique brass quechup dating

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Dating antique brass

A button packs an extraordinary amount of information about a given time and place—its provenance—onto a crowded little canvas.

Children learn to button and unbutton early in life, and they keep doing it until they’re dead. ) But in this episode, Roman Mars’ beloved short-form design podcast asks how sound designers make “organic sounds for inorganic things.” The clicks, sproings, and clatters that sound engineer Jim Mc Kee demonstrates for Mars are the background noise of everyday life for people who use digital devices.

This is an antique compass of high quality, by the most renowned of all compass makers, and in full working order, including a lid activated transit lock. This impressive English surveyors compass was made sometime in the first half of the 19th century by Edward Bryan in Manchester.Cheaper versions were made from about 1690 by provincial clockmakers and for these oak was used, being a far less costly timber, though occasionally pine was used at a lesser cost still.These earliest oak cases were simple by intent, partly because London styles (which they copied in simplified form) were themselves still simple, but partly because there was little point in offering a clock in cheaper materials if the sheer extravagance of styling made it into a costly clock anyway.Knobs and other ornament sometimes solid cast brass. FINISHES Brass was polished; iron was painted or lacquered. Perennially popular and increasingly scarce, though only immensely valuable if all-brass and of complex design.Parts were slotted together, held in place by tension or by bolts, their ends concealed by screw-on decorative knobs or the like. Mattress-frames Were initially interwoven flat metal straps bolted to angled side rails; but by 1900 various wire mesh and spring arrangements were being hooked to the rails through small holes.

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