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I would like to create a peer connection on my server using the Peer Connection API.

I understand this is a bit hacky, but I'm thinking it should be possible to create a peer on the server and record what the client-peer sends.

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) as seen on the video monitor using a low magnitude star (bright) as Vega, Altair... Also you will see it better if you replace the cover at any moment, forgetting about it.

The first step is to verify that all screws are slightly tighten.

use the same optical line than when you are observing and wotk with a star not far from the object you want to catch and above all wait until the telescope has reached thermal equilibrium !

Subject: Super Resolution from a webcam Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 From: Howard Fink ([email protected]) Taken July 14 about 1am, from 107th and Amsterdam in Manhattan.

The result has a lot of detail, but is extremely blocky.

I ran a gaussian blur 1.8 pixels in Photoshop, and an unsharp mask of 2.2 pixels.

I would like to record the users webcam and audio and save it to a file on the server.

These files would then be able to be served up to other users.

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I have no problems with playback, however I'm having problems getting the content to record.

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